ALISON OVERTON Fine Art Photographer and Printmaker
"I baked a raspberry pie.""We made new friends while on our vacation.""We went to an antique shop.""We found some pretty shells.""We met the white rabbit and the queen.""We had a tea party.""I took a photograph.""I listened to my favorite songs.""We went to see a movie.""I said hi to the neighborhood chickens.""I gave a new toy to my dog Byron." "We went to the pub.""We hung out in the pool.""We went to the art museum.""I looked for arrowheads at my granddaddy's farm.""We dreamed with the flowers around us.""We admired Santa's Christmas tree.""Byron and Oscar admired each other's chapeaus.""We marveled at the beautiful flower swan.""Lins and I put our flowers in a vase.""I talked with a ladybug in my garden.""Byron slept beside me all night long."
"What I Did Last Summer"
by Alison Overton
Things I like to do with my friends, my husband, my son, and by myself.