ALISON OVERTON Fine Art Photographer and Printmaker
Scotney Castle, KentScotney Castle Green, EnglandLacock Abbey, EnglandPenland, North CarolinaBuscot Estate, EnglandSudeley Castle Chapel, EnglandTintern, WalesStonehenge, EnglandWake County, North CarolinaRandolph County, North CarolinaWake County, North CarolinaBracey, VirginiaNewland, North CarolinaNorwood Forest Cemetery, EnglandRichmond, VirginiaRichmond, VirginiaAbinger Common, EnglandTintern Abbey, WalesChateau du Pin, FranceLacock Abbey, EnglandAthelhampton. England
Handtinted Silver Gelatin Prints
Unique hand-tinted, darkroom-printed, black & white photographs, shot with 1977 Nikkormat FT3 camera or 1970 Widelux F6 wide angle turret-lens camera. All photographs were composed when shot, and printed full frame.