ALISON OVERTON Fine Art Photographer and Printmaker
Dolphin Fountain, Buscot Estate, EnglandCatacombs, Montparnasse, FranceThe Ideal, Blenheim, EnglandOrnamental Gate, Buscot Estate, EnglandGumdrop Trees I, Blenheim, EnglandGumdrop Trees II, Blenheim, EnglandPortal to Light, Blenheim, EnglandThe Sacred, Norwood Forest, EnglandWatching the Sky, Norwood Forest, EnglandFearless II, Norwood Forest, EnglandFearless I, Norwood Forest, EnglandDaughter and Mother, Norwood Forest, EnglandHarvest Goddess, Blenheim, EnglandSunflowers, Montjean, FranceMemory, Knole, EnglandProcession, Knole Park, EnglandAurora, Knole, EnglandSpikeling, Hampton Court, EnglandAtlas, Portmeirion, WalesTall Trees, Portmeirion, WalesUrn Echo, Le Pin, FranceTwilight, Le Pin, FranceTopiary I, Saint Florent, FranceTopiary II, Saint Florent, FranceTout Droit, Notre Dame, FranceWinter Sky, Notre Dame, ParisGarden Echo, Versailles, FranceWinter Dream, Notre Dame, FranceWinter Morning, VersaillesHer Hands, Montparnasse, France
When Grey Was Gold
Unique hand-tinted darkroom-printed black & white photographs, shot with a Holga 120-S plastic lens toy camera, using an in-camera collage method.